2008 spring HS 10.166 All about love



This course "all about love" aims at discussing various aspects of love with points of philosophy, sociology, literature, chemistry, and neuroscience, and even Artificial intelligence etc.  This class firstly introduces human relationship and behavior related to love from waiting and dating to marriage and farewell, and then provides the social impact of love on human civilization including philosophy, music, literature, and other arts.   



Jeaseung Jeong (jsjeong@kaist.ac.kr, 042-350-4319)



Classroom: Creative Learning Building Rm-1124

Time: 10:30 AM - 12:00



3 Unints (3:0:3)



No prerequisite class



Homework (Report on LOVE, Essays): 50%

Term Project: 30%

Class Participation: 20%


Office Hours

Tue, Thur 1:00-2:30 pm



이현우 (전기·전자)



Falling in Love: Why We Choose the Lovers we Choose  

Author: Ayala Malach Pines

Publisher: Routledge; 2nd edition (June 24, 2005)


Lecture Schedule


1. Introduction, What is love? (The Chemistry of love)

2. Proximity, The Hidden Matchmaker (Chapter 1)

3. Arousal, The Elixir Of Love (Chapter 2)

4. Beauty And Character (Chapter 3)

5. Birds Of A Feather Or Opposites Attract? (Chapter 4) 

6. Satisfying Needs And Reciprocating Love (Chapter 5)

7. Falling In Love As A Process (Chapter 6)

8. no class (Mid-term exam)

9. On Gender and Love, Status and Beauty (Chapter 7)

10. Can Robots Love?

11. Openness to Love (Chapter 8)

12. The Son Falls in Love with Mother, the Daughter with Father (Chapter 9)

13. The Internal Romantic Image (Chapter 10)

14. Romantic Love in Long-term Relationships (Chapter 12)

15. Inappropriate Relationship & Term-project Presentation (10:30 am - 1:00 pm)

16. no class (final exam)