2010 fall BiS102 Introduction to Bioengineering



"Introduction to Bioengineering" aims at introducing fundamental concepts and principles of bioengineering and related fields to the first-year undergraduate students. The topics studied in this class include bioinformatics, synthetic biology, systems biology, nanobiotechnology, bioimaging, brain-computer-interface, neural engineering, artificial organs, and bio-inspired robotics, and so forth. During the class we provides with foundations of cellular and modular physiological processes underlying human bodies and brains, and then offers dynamical principles governing them. Recent topics on bioengineering are also discussed such as artificial cell, bionics, and proteomics.



Jeaseung Jeong (jsjeong@kaist.ac.kr, 042-350-4319)



Creative Learning Building RM309

Tue, Thu 10:30-12:00



3 Unints (3:0:3)



No prerequisite class



Quiz (60%)

Homework (20%)

Class participation (20%)


Office Hours

Tuesday 14:00-16:00 (CMS building, #1109, 042-350-4319)



Hoon-Hee Kim



A collection of articles on bioengineering from 'Scientific American' (1999-2008) and other tutorial journal


Lecture Schedule


1. What is bioengineering?

2. Bioinformatics, The Bioinformatics gold rush (SciAm, 2000)

3. no class

4. Systems biology, Cybernetic cells (SciAm, 2001)

5. Nanobiotechnology, Once and future nanomachine (SciAm, 2001)

6. Nanomachine for drug delivery, Nanobot construction crews (SciAm, 2001)

7. Mid-term Exam

8. Biomimetics, Biomimetics: Design by nature (National Geographic, 2008)

9. Artificial muscles, Artificial muscles (SciAm, 2003)

10. Stem-cell engineering, Future of stem cells (SciAm, 2005)

11. Image-guided surgery, Image-guided surgery (SciAm, 1999)

12. Neuromarketing, Neuromarketing (Economist, 2008)

13. Brain stimulation, Stimulating the brain (SciAm, 2003)

14. NeuroChips(PPT), Chips in your head (SciAm, 2007)

15. Brain-Computer Interface(PPT), Brain-Computer Interfaces (SciAm, 2007)

16. Final Exam